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Here are the Power Points created for my advanced levels. They are arranged in three tables: grammar, novels and art. The novel Power Points are mostly for vocabulary practice of the lists of words I require my students to learn. Scroll down to see them all. Although almost all of my Power Points include interactive parts in addition to the presentation of the subject, the ones specifically identified as partner orals are for practice in class with a partner; they are to be done after the material has been explained. You can download these Power Points to your computer, change them however you want, and then use the Save As option to have your personal copy prepared for your classes.


Neo-classicism, romanticism

Introduction to art
I found this on-line & edited it for my students




Rodin & Camille



Challenge board #1

Challenge board #2

Paris PowerPoint




Château de ma mère vocabulary

Future perfect
partner oral

Château de ma Mère vocabulary
(partner oral)

Present participle
children's book

Musique de Scène

Verbs with prepositions
sans, après, en, pour

Musique de Scène (Le Chat et le Casino)

Passive voice

Les Petits Enfants du Siècle
introduction to story

Passé simple

Les Petits Enfants du Siècle #1
vocabulary (partner oral)

passé composé/imparfait
plus que parfait

Les Petits Enfants du Siècle #2
vocabulary (partner oral)

Plus que parfait
partner oral

Les Petits Enfants du Siècle #3
vocabulary (partner oral)

passé composé &
imparfait-cartoon story

Le Petit Prince #1
vocabulary (partner oral)

Si clauses

Le Petit Prince #2
vocabulary (partner oral)

Si je...student projects

Subjunctive #1

Le Petit Prince #3
vocabulary (partner oral)

Subjunctive #2

Le Petit Prince jeopardy game
Sarah Shackelford's ppt that I edited for my class

Object pronouns

Relative pronouns

Possessive, demonstrative & interrogative pronouns

Rules for agreement of past participles.