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Here are the PowerPoints created for Discovering French Blanc. They are arranged in two tables: vocabulary and grammar. Scroll down to see them all. Although almost all of my PowerPoints include interactive parts in addition to the presentation of the subject, the ones specifically identified as oral partners are for practice in class with a partner; they are to be done after the material has been explained. You can download these PowerPoints to your computer, change them however you want, and then use the Save As option to have your personal copy prepared for your classes. If you are familiar with Paul Widergren's fabulous Spanish PowerPoint site (, you will notice that some of "my" PowerPoints are French adaptations of his work. Merci à Paul.


Nationalities (oral partners)

Prepositions sur, loin de, entre, à gauche
devant, dans etc. (and my dog Sammy)


Places + aller à

Faire expressions

Avoir expressions

Farm animals, nature (oral partners)

Using the metro in Paris

Food stores: boulangerie, boucherie, etc.


The body

Faire de + sports and avoir mal à + body
(oral partners)

Reflexive verbs and Barbie

House & furniture

Clothing and adjectives


Aller à & venir de + infinitives
depuis + present tense (oral partners)

Passé composé regular verbs
(oral partners)


Passé composé irregular verbs & aller

Passé composé of être verbs

Passé composé of être verbs (story)

Passé composé of être verbs (story)
I found this somewhere on internet

Prendre & boire present tense

Direct object pronouns

Direct object pronouns (oral partners)

Indirect object pronouns

Indirect object pronouns (oral partners)

Mixed object pronouns (oral partners)

Object pronouns Y & EN

Reflexive verbs

Reflexive verbs in passé composé
story (oral partners)

Relative pronouns qui & que

Passé composé/imparfait stories
(oral as whole class or w/partner)