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Here are the PowerPoints created for Discovering French Rouge. I skip around in the book and don't do everything. They are arranged in a table divided into vocabulary and grammar. Scroll down to see them all. Although almost all of my PowerPoints include interactive parts in addition to the presentation of the subject, the ones specifically identified as partner orals are for practice in class with a partner; they are to be done after the material has been explained. You can download these PowerPoints to your computer, change them however you want, and then use the Save As option to have your personal copy prepared for your classes.



Avoir & faire expressions

Reflexive verbs

Unit 1Adjectives of physical
description (partner oral)

Passé composé irregular

Unit 1Reflexive verbs
(partner oral)

Subjunctive (impersonal exp
and volonté)

Passé composé vs. imparfait

Unit 1Reflexive verbs
(daily routine)

Prepositions & verbs (pour,
sans, avant de, après, en)

Unit 1 Reflexive verbs

Object pronouns

Unit 3 vocab plaisirs & problèmes

Negatives (partner exercise)

Unit 3 (partner oral)

Future (A/B partner
exercise to be printed)

Unit 5 airplane vocabulary

Review of subjunctive
(partner oral with sound)

Unit 5 train vocabulary

Si clauses & future
to print for written practice

Unit 9 Les amis

Relative pronouns

Unit 9 Les phases de la vie