FRANÇAIS I PowerPoints

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Here are the PowerPoints created for Discovering French Bleu. They are arranged in a table with two columns vocabulary and grammar. Scroll down to see them all. Although almost all of my PowerPoints include interactive parts in addition to the presentation of the subject, the ones specifically identified as partner oral are for practice in class with a partner; they are to be done after the material has been explained. You can download these PowerPoints to your computer, change them however you want, and then use the Save As option to have your personal copy prepared for your classes. If you are familiar with Paul Widergren's fabulous Spanish PowerPoint site (, you will notice that some of "my" PowerPoints are French adaptations of his work. Merci à Paul.



Geography of France

Etre. vous/tu & places

Numbers 1-10

ER verbs conjugation

Numbers 11-100

Passé composé ER verbs

Numbers 1-20 (partner oral)

A + articles (contractions)

Telling time

A + articles (oral)

Telling time

De + articles (contractions)

Telling time (partner oral)

IR verbs conjugation

Days of the week (partner oral)



Regular verbs present &
passé composé (oral partner)


Passé composé regular &
irregular verbs


Food and drink

How much does it cost? Food & drink

Food, weather & time (partner oral)

J'aime + ER verbs

Prepositions & my dog

Nationalities (partner oral)

Adjectives (partner oral)

Colors (scanned children's book)

A + places (story)


Places and directions (partner oral)


Clothing (story)